40 Ashland Condominiums Render
40 Ashland Condominiums Render 02
40 Ashland Condominiums Construction Progress
40 Ashland Condominiums Construction Progress 02

40 Ashland Condominiums

La Grange, IL

JCSA led a team of investors in identifying the land parcel as a possible development site. The challenge for developing this parcel was its location as a transition from the city's commercial district to its luxury residential area. An even greater challenge for entitlement of the property was its history of organized neighborhood opposition to any development.

The entitlement approvals for the development of 40 Ashland Condominiums demanded an understanding of neighborhood opposition. JCSA sought out community allies and stakeholder support through community outreach and various informational gatherings so as to blanket the community with positive news about the development.

JCSA coordinated the multifaceted plan that proactively engaged all aspects of the approval process. JCSA led the way throughout the public hearing and entitlement process thereby assuring a fair and expeditious approval process.

The development was unanimously approved by the Village Council.